Thursday, December 3, 2009

5 Reasons theatricality will boost retail sales

Courtesy of of DDI magazine, one of the top retail design magazines, they discuss the positive effects of fusing theatre(as design concept) and the retail/restaurant environment.
Coming from theatrical design backgrounds, this article, written by designer Janice Davis, emphasized our own philosophy of using large strokes and bold choices to give customers something they would never expect.
This is how we approached our design for the new Apollo Grill and Bar . Taking our cues from retro-futuristic design and The Jetsons, we created a large scale bar and backbar on a technicolor backdrop that has created a buzz and increased their liquor sales.
(see photo)

Anyway, the gist of the article is that you can guarantee increased sales if you make your store stand out from the rest (having customers/clients walk into another world, not just another store), give the customer the feeling of entering another world (allow them to shed the reality that consumes their lives- this is why we love theme parks), imbue your products with romance, mystery, desirability (display things magically), make their experience in your store like no other, create a buzz (customers will be almost guaranteed to discuss their experience in your store).
Click on the photo of the article to read in detail.

Below are some photos of of a pop-up clothing store courtesy of Bella @
Set Design Thinking. Created wholly out of cardboard, yes, but man, it makes you want to check it out and share with other folks.

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