Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy Day @ New City!

There is much progress being made on the build for Opera Boston's upcoming Tancredi.

Remember those barrels of "bricks?" Tom Stuart, Keith Langsdale and Mark Haley have been busy applying bricks - This is only the bottom portion of the wall- it has three more sections or approximately 12 more feet of height to go. The next step will be to "distress" all the bricks to break up the uniformity of it all.

Ava Popham Stuart pointing out the new castle that is being built in her shop.

Intern Ian Beckley is busy priming the show deck for Tancredi. Paint and fabric swatches from the designer also arrived today.

Here are some photos of the previous two productions we have fabricated and painted for Opera Boston. Great clients who have brought us a lot of work this year.

The top two photos are production shots of Bartered Bride, designed by Michael Raiford.
photos by M. Raiford.

Here is a shot of The Nose, designed by Alexander Lisyansky, lighting designed by Linda O'Brien, directed by Julia Pevzner.
photo by Clive Grainger
The set was completely made out of clear industrial grade pvc panels on to which we had to paint translucent scenes of St. Petersberg. We literally had to invent a technique and process to achieve the desired results.

What's going on here!? Amy Davis is making a new bear for the BearFest! One of the baby bears, "Chrome Bear," was stolen the night of the unveiling. Amy decided it should be replaced and created a new one from the original mold.
If you don't yet know about the Easthampton BearFest, be sure to check out this amazing Public Art Project. New City Scenic was very involved in the implementation and is a proud sponsor of the event.

Oh, and scenery for The Savannah Disputation is on the dock ready for shipping. The designer, Eric Levensen, and TD James Crosby visited the shop today to check out the set which loads-in on Monday.

Detail of Savannah wall treatment.

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